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This is the first newsletter of the project Train Intercultural Mediators for a Multicultural Europe (TIME) that is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership for innovation and the exchange of good practices in VET. The project started in September 2014 and will finish in August 2016.
In this newsletter you will find an overview of the project and the activities undertaken so far.

The Project

The TIME project aims at actively promoting the standardization of training for intercultural mediators and the professionalization of their occupation. The activities undertaken concern:

• The exploration of practices of training and employing intercultural mediators throughout 
   the EU.
• The promotion of the exchange of good practices in the field of intercultural mediation by 
   proposing model training programs for both intercultural mediators and their trainers.
• The analyzation of existing structures in the partner countries and the suggestion of  
   recommendations for the validation of training for intercultural mediators.

The partnership

 Project lead:  Olympic Training and Consulting Ltd - GREECE
     Partners:   1. BEST Institut für Berufsbezogene Weiterbildung 
und Personaltraining GmbH – AUSTRIA  
                           2. Intercultural Mediation and Policy Support Unit, 
                                DG Healthcare Federal Public Service Health,
                                Food Chain Safety and Environment – BELGIUM
                           3. BGZ Berliner Gesellschaft für internationale 
                               Zusammenarbeit mbH – GERMANY
                           4. Hellenic Open University – GREECE
                           5. Programma Integra società cooperativa sociale – ITALY
                           6. Uniwersytet Papieski Jana Pawla II w Krakowie – POLAND
                           7. Lisbon Municipal Police – PORTUGAL

What is an Intercultural Mediator?

Developed Products

1. Research results

The project is being implemented for just one year and the first outcomes of hard work are now available!
In this newsletter, we are happy to present a Research report on intercultural mediation for immigrants (IMfI) in Europe and the Description of 10 good practices in IMfI throughout Europe and our suggestions for transfer.

Do you wish to learn more  
or download the study?

The Research report on intercultural mediation for immigrants (IMfI) in Europe is a thorough study based on relevant literature and field study that has been carried out in order to provide an overview of intercultural mediation for immigrants (IMfI) in Europe, with an emphasis placed on the relevant training, employment and evaluation practices.
The final outcome of this study covers the following subjects:
• Need for IMfI in Europe. Migrant flow, integration issues, limitations of interpreting.
• Definitions and forms of intercultural mediation. An overview of the relevant literature.
• Current status of IMfI in Europe. Presentation of different patterns of IMfI training, employment and evaluation practices in the partnership countries and in other major migrant destinations in Europe. Results of field surveys conducted in the partnership countries. 

Some interesting findings:
- Different approaches to intercultural mediation are observed and 
   presented.  
- The importance of linguistic competence and interpreting is   
  differently perceived even within the same model of intercultural  
  mediation.  
- Confirmation of the indispensable role of intercultural mediation  
   services in the smooth integration of immigrants into the host 

Do you wish to learn more  
or download the study?

Description of 10 good practices in IMfI throughout Europe and suggestions for transfer

In this output, 10 of the practices detected during O1 research, concerning IMfI training, employment, or evaluation, are being presented in more detail, followed by recommendations for transfer. The good practices presented refer to structures, trainings and policies that provide an exemplary framework for the organization of intercultural mediation services and mediator training. 

2. Dissemination material


SONETOR platform and forum is a very useful tool in order to amplify the project impact. How? Through the forum, intercultural mediators will be able to: 
- Discuss about their needs 
- Exchange comments, experiences 
- Share the employment practices, problems and solutions in the field of cultural mediation
- Receive information on new training programmes of the Intercultural Mediators for 
   Immigrants (IMfI) and the IMfI profile 
- Strengthen their links with other Cultural Mediators in several European Countries 
- Be updated about the latest developments on the Cultural Mediation field

All intercultural mediators and project beneficiaries are encouraged to subscribe to this platform and benefit from the provided potentials!

3. Multiplier Events

Two open to the general public events have already been implemented. The first event was implemented in Vienna, Austria and the second in Patras, Greece. The aim of both events was the presentation of research results at national conferences.

BEST Institut (Austria) invited organizations dealing with migrants, unemployed and those with education or coaching experience to an event dedicated for the presentation, discussion and information about the TIME project. Some 20 people attended the event, 5 of them were representatives from the project management team of the host organization, 15 represented other. In summary, all of them showed interest in receiving the final products as they saw a need to organize related training for mediators. However, for those already working in the business lacking of intercultural competences particularly, the view showed that training material should be ‘handy’ and give a practical view of/ into the day to day work situation rather than too much of theory. A stealth method should be preferred. Related to learning, most of the participants searched for self-guided material and exchange with peers – or experts – in specific matter; latter could refer to special knowledge in legal situation they would rather need to know who to refer to than handle on their own. Due to the fact that none of them is working in the dedicated job profile the TIME project wants to handle and none of the participants is self-employed, they explained the limitations to specific duties and internal regulations.
The event ended with the gathering of the participants and a networking occasion.

In Patras, Greece, the event under the Title “Panorama of intercultural mediation in Europe and relevant good practices” was realized the 7th of September 2015 from Olympic Training and Hellenic Open University. A total of 53 representatives of Immigration policy makers, HEI faculties of Social Sciences, NGO’s, Organizations involved in integration issues, Social scientists, Social Services Providers, Media, Intercultural Mediators and Teachers participated. The issues that were discussed concerned:

• Intercultural mediation in Europe
• The feasibility of intercultural mediation – experiences of 
   intercultural mediation
• Presentation of successful intercultural mediation models
• Intercultural mediation good practices
• Recommendations for transfer of good practices in Greece and  
   relevant preconditions

Recent Activities

October 2015   Guide on the desired IMfI profile and related learning outcomes
October 2015   Presentation of research results at national conferences in:

                             When: 30th of October 2015  
                             Where: SPF Santé Publique, Place Horta 40 à 1060 Bruxelles
                             When: 23d of October 2015
                             When: 28th of October 2015
                             Where: Rome (IT), Migration, Asylum and Social Integration Center (PI headquarter)

Upcoming Activities

December 2015   Presentation of research results at national conferences in:
                                   When: 1st of December 2015
                                   Where: Lisbon
10th of December 2015 
                                   Where: Berlin

February 2016    Transnational meeting in Rome

February 2016   Comprehensive IMfI training course – guide on training IMfI

May 2016            Thematic workshops on the new training programmes

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